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Have you ever caught yourself aimlessly scrolling on instagram and comparing your physical appearance to someone else’s? You start to see what someone else’s day to day activities look like, what they’re eating, how they’re working out and comparing your body to theirs.


``I work hard for my body because my body works hard for me`` #movementbymalia



A Great job done by Malia

Malia Makaila

Malia Rocks! I was in a funk so I forced myself to jump into class and participate and I already feel better! I never knew I could get my arms to burn with two cans of beans LOL! Malia’s the bomb!!

Pilar Martin

I loveee Malia’s workouts and I can’t say that I have favorite because all of her workouts are my favorite! I really like how she is always mixing it up and giving us different variations to challenge ourselves. I would also like to say that I have been seeing results in my body and feeling a lot stronger everyday, so THANK YOU MALIA!

Keana Flowers

I absolutely love Malia's classes! They get me moving, sweating, and I am always sore after. The best part of her workouts is the positive energy she brings to the table. She is constantly pushing everyone to give their all. Not to mention, she's a great trainer who is there to correct and help you with your form to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Her workouts are now my go to, thank you Malia!!!

Sydney Niles

The fact Malia’s routine is so unpredictable, making it so challenging and "fun" in a way! It DOES feel near-impossible when you are doing it but you somehow make it through! You feel so 'beat up' yet 'achieved.' It's an ah-mazing feeling! I also love getting to know Malia, her positive energy AND taste in music (which is huge).

Grace Kim

Malia’s classes are killer!! Her energy is just what I need to keep me motivated. I love how easy these workouts are to do at home that I know I’ll continue to do post quarantine. I live for her full body workouts!!

Diane Ling

During these unprecedented times, Malia’s workouts should be deemed an “essential service.” Her online workouts not only push me and help me both physically and mentally, but she has created an online community that has lessened the sense of being isolated and quarantined. Her smile and enthusiasm are captivating as she puts the class through an incredible full body workout which produces results and more importantly puts a smile on your face. You sometimes forget that you are working out online and feel like you have your own personal trainer pushing you to be your better self.

Phil Kassin

Malia is a next level coach! Her workouts are dynamic, motivating, challenging in the best way possible and her energy is contagious! Your whole body will be challenged in ways you never thought possible and you will leave each workout welling stronger. I’ve been training with Malia for over a year and couldn’t recommend her more!

Sacha Gnesin

I am a 50+ year old mom and trying to keep fit. Generally work full time in an office, but now working remotely so I can join Malia’s terrific classes. She has a wonderful disposition and she will make us all work hard and smile.

Lisa Rogers

Today was my 3rd class! I love that Malia’s workouts address all parts of the body (abs, upper, lower) so they are very holistic. Her energy is also great and is motivating! I like that minimal equipment is needed to work out a sweat! I like also that she posts them a week in advance so I can add them to my calendar with link and plan ahead easily


My friend shared Malia’s info with me. Told me her class was awesome and she was right! I took Malia’s class for the first time yesterday. Loved it! Fitness is a hobby for me, but since moving to the suburbs of Philly and out of the city, I had to leave my beloved mega - reformer class and move to a gym. Obviously the exercises in Malia’s class with the sliders reminded me of my reformer days.

Natalie Hawtin

Malia made working out fun and challenging while quarantining. She challenged me to push myself while making the class fun and attainable for all. Her positive energy and hard workouts make me excited for a daily workout

Erin Reagan

Omg seriously her class kicks my butt... to be honest I am a gym fanatic and I enjoy lifting a lot. With everything happening with COVID and living alone I have absolutely no motivation and it’s so so sad. But her class is starting to give me some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m so excited to strengthen myself mentally and physically!

Alissa Poster

I like that with Malia it’s fun and I really get a sweat. She makes it where when your dying you keep going. She counts down and says keep going your almost there, words of encouragement!

Jennifer Prenka

Malia is so motivating, even though my camera is off when she corrects other people’s form I fix mine which is great. Great music selection. Getting my mom to join me

Jessica Gonzalez